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Philips Pasta Maker Review

Philips Pasta Maker

Are you looking for the ultimate pasta maker that is not only easy to use and maintain, but fast and consistent, to fit your busy lifestyle?  Then the Philips Pasta Maker is for you. It comes with everything you need fresh home-made pasta in just 15 minutes. You just add the ingredients of your choice […]

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Imperia Pasta Maker Machine Review

imperia pasta maker

As we become more health conscious and try to make better decisions about the foods we put in out body, we look for alternative, healthier foods to replace the unhealthy junk food we may have enjoyed for a large part of our life. Fortunately, with the Imperia pasta maker, we can continue to enjoy some […]

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Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker Review

  Now that more people are trying to eat healthy, pasta makers are becoming a more common staple in the kitchen.  The benefits of making your pasta at home has numerous advantages including choosing what type of flour you want to make your pasta with. For healthier meals you may choose whole wheat, or go […]

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Atlas Electric Pasta Machine with Motor Set

Atlas as a brand has been producing kitchen materials for a long time. Pasta maker is not considered as a kitchen material directly but obviously, it is a kitchen item. Anyway, the Atlas Electric Pasta Machine is a great one for those who want a quality pasta maker which will be a combination of premium […]

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HomeStart Pasta Maker Review

The name Homestart represents a certain meaning. It says to you that you should start preparing pasta starting from your home. The HomeStart Pasta Maker is a basic model that was introduced to the market a long time back. Fortunately, the product is still doing well in the market because of its quality and durability. […]

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Norpro Pasta Machine Review

Norpro is another famous name and thus, we had to do a Norpro pasta machine review in our website. Actually, while we were doing our research on pasta machines, we found out that a lot of people know about this product but not all of them go for it. We were curious. What is the […]

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